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Free teleseminar on selling your book to Hollywood (6346 hits)

A few years ago, a high school teacher from the suburbs of Philadelphia had his novel turned into a movie.

To date, the movie based on his book has grossed $236,412,453.

And the cherry on top... the film was nominated for an Academy Award!

The movie was Silver Linings Playbook starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.

Want to see your book, story or manuscript become a movie or TV show?
If you answered "yes" then you're invited to join my friend Steve Harrison on Friday, November 24th for a free telephone seminar on How To Sell Your Book To Hollywood As A Movie Or TV Show... Even If It's Self-Published.

On the call Steve is interviewing a true Hollywood insider who helps hundreds of published and unpublished authors and screenwriters bring their projects to the screen.


Steve's guest has worked with some of the biggest producers and movie studios in Hollywood to get movies made, including Paramount pictures, Universal Music, Jerry Bruckheimer, the Hughes Brothers who've produced 6 major studio films (including The Book Of Eli starring Denzel Washington) and many more.

On the How To Sell Your Book To Hollywood As A Movie Or TV Show... Even If It's Self-Published call, you'll discover...
The number one mistake book authors make when approaching Hollywood about turning their book into a movie
(if you don't do this one little thing right, you're doomed from the start... yet it's so easy to correct)

The formula veteran screenwriters use to catch a buyer's attention and allow them to instantly visualize how your story will look on the screen

What you need to do as a self-published author to get an option on your book and how much you can expect to sell the option to your book

The 6 key phases of turning your book idea into a movie

Why the fact that all the major studios are actually making LESS movies IMPROVES your odds of having your book made into a movie (this weird dichotomy is turning Hollywood on its head and totally changing the playing field for independent publishers and writers)

9 questions you need to ask yourself about your idea or story that can lead you to the right path to market your work in Hollywood

The differences between writing for a big Hollywood movie and episodic TV

The newest and one of the fastest growing markets in Hollywood, "Theater On Demand", and why it's perfect for self-published authors to get movies made of their work

The 3 biggest myths for turning a book into a movie

Why sending your book directly to an agent, producer, studio or production company is the WORST thing you can do (and what you need to send to these people instead of your book that will catch their attention)

How the Hollywood system really works (and why sending general inquiry letters to studios and production houses is a waste of time and effort)

How agents in the movie business are totally different than agents in the book business (and the right way to find a movie agent and send an inquiry letter that will get read and acted on)

Many people think you have to be a famous author or written a string of best sellers to have your book turned into a movie or TV series.

But the author of Silver Linings Playbook proves you don't have to be famous or prolific.

Did you know 29,218 movies started out as books?

And you can bet they weren't all written by famous writers.
And more novels, true stories, nonfiction books and "How To" books are being turned into movies and TV shows than ever before.

In fact, 5 of the 9 Academy Award nominated films for 2012 started out as books!

And right now Hollywood producers are looking for more books and stories they can turn into movies and TV shows.

That's because today there are more broadcast channels, thousands of cable channels, a growing number of independent film companies, movies and videos on demand, online movies and MORE media outlets now than at any other time in history.

And guess what all these media companies need?

They all need fresh content.

And books (both fiction and non fiction... and everything from novels to how-to books) are the perfect source material for new movies and TV shows.

If you've ever dreamed of seeing your "name up in lights"...

If you have a message you think can be turned into a movie or TV series...

Or if you're just plain fed up with the quality of shows on TV today and know your story would make for better viewing...

Then make sure to jump on the free telephone seminar on Friday, November 24th. It's free for you to listen in on the interview. Just go here now to reserve your spot:


Enjoy the teleseminar on Friday! I'm proud to be a compensated affiliate for Steve's company, which offers a variety of training programs and services for authors and authors-to-be.

Pam Perry
Posted By: Pam Perry
Friday, November 24th 2017 at 4:56PM
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