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My Life (1505 hits)

Hi Tyler Perry and Fans this is a little story about my life I was raised by my grandmother, molested by a male family member and wasn't believed by my grandmother that my cousin was the one who molested me because she felt like he could do no wrong to anybody but all the while she would be sleeping he would come in my room pick me up out of my bed and take me to the basement which was his room it was really scary then I learned how to put a knife in my door to try to keep him out and he would wiggle my door to shake the knife out and break into my room but now that i'm grown my mother throws up in my face how she didn't raise me and how she thinks that my grandmother took me and my brothers away from her but she was on drugs heavy and never was really there but I had to tell her she needs to try to be there for her grandchildren and not bring that whole situation up that was when we were children then she says how she wished she would've flushed me or she wished she never had me in front of my children i'm not really sure why she feels like she needs to treat me this way but it's only said when she has been drinking and my granny always said a drunk mouth speaks a mind it hurts my feelings so bad even being 33 years old with three beautiful children 2 boys and one girl who are 13,8,5 years old. I'm also raising my baby brother who is 13 and my nephew who is 8 I took care of my Grandmother who was sick with cancer when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant with my youngest son i'm taking care of every ones problems and nobody seems to care about how I feel but with God I'm gonna be alright
Posted By: Mohogany Spann
Monday, August 22nd 2016 at 7:17PM
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BonJour, hey my sister, how are you? I actually went to the Lady's Room for tissue, because I had really began to cry. I will say this, I do understand. Please refer to Atomic Warfare Prayers: Dr. Cindy Trimm. Also, google, Dr. June Hunt' Hope For The Heart" I recommend that you allow God to place you in some type of group session one you're able to attend. Most of us girls, especially, Black have from a line of generational curses. Half Price Books has a huge collection of self help books" I hope that what I said has shed some light in your life. Read your Bible, and find a local church. God wants to bless you. I ❤ love you my Sister"
Friday, August 26th 2016 at 1:51AM
Isabella Frantz Bettencourt
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