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Transformations: Give UP The Struggle by Renee Wiggins (5636 hits)

Jozette's Desk Book Review: Transformations: Give Up The Struggle
by Renee Wiggins

Transformations: Give Up The Struggle by Renee Wiggins is a little book with a powerful message. In this age of uncertainty, our daily lives are stained with the blood of war, the blight of environmental catastrophes, and economic regression. There is the ever present hatred between races, religions and cultures that lends a tendency towards fear, anger, revenge and disbelief.

Life is a constant challenge of ups and downs, setbacks and advances, failures, successes and pain. It is how we handle these experiences that determine whether we regress, stay stuck in the present or move forward on our individual paths. Wouldn't you like to know how to turn the negatives in your life into positive growth?

In her book Transformations: Give Up The Struggle Ms. Wiggins guides you on a journey that will answer your questions and address your skepticism with words and phrases you may have thought of at some point but put aside thinking you need more than words to help you. Transformations: Give Up The Struggle is a collection of affirmations you can easily and effortlessly incorporate into your daily life.

One affirmation that stuck with me is,

"I should pray before I make the choice, instead of praying to get out of the choice I made."

How many of us are guilty of this?

Another is,

"Who I was yesterday, I am not today."

I've experienced a lot of adversity in my earlier years, experiences that have changed me for the better. I am a stronger, more focused individual and I am living a happier, fuller life.

What the book does not do is promise instant change but rather assures a gradual move through change to a better way of living your life. Some are resistant to change and Ms. Wiggins addresses this in her book sighting compelling reasons why to resist change would make the obstacles you face insurmountable when they shouldn't be.

I found Transformations: Give Up The Struggle to be both enlightening and soothing. The message is clear and of an urgent nature for those still mired in the past, stuck in a mental quagmire needing change.

Transformations: Give Up The Struggle by Renee Wiggins is a must read book for those who want to change the way they live their lives and experience the world.


Book Title: Transformations: Give UP The Struggle
Author Name: Renee Wiggins

Book Synopsis:
We all have had our ups and downs in our lives, some more than others. But, how we end up in the end, determines how we actually see the storms.The storms help us to change to a better and stronger person. Resisting change can make the obstacles, the hindrances and the storms become even more unbearable. However, if we choose to view them in a different light, change can move us into a bigger and better job, or a more rewarding , loving relationship- it indeed can make us better.

The affirmations presented in "Transformation: Give UP The Struggle," can be a turning point in your life. View hardship as helpers to a stronger you. See obstacles as ripples in a pond as you move closer to your victory. Discover that hindrances are hurdles that make you jump high above the clouds.

Posted By: EDC Creations
Friday, October 1st 2010 at 6:44PM
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