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I saw a man, a diseased man carrying a GOLDEN BOWL.
And I asked the wise old man. Who is he? The wise old man called him and he came. “Open the bowl” said the old man, and lo! The bowl was opened.
“Look inside” he said to me. I looked inside alas! I saw the LIFE of A MAN
neatly wrapped in A GOLDEN POT been carried by a diseased man.
Old man I pray tell me. What this mean? I asked. My little boy, that is the POT/BOWL of PRESTIGE of MAN been carried by a diseased man”
“Look out” he said.
I looked out and lo what I saw is amazing. Men crowding over something.
Old man I pray thee to tell me?
He replied
That is the life of a woman that men are fighting over (woman of Babylon)
Then he took me to the market, and I saw the diseased man give the pot of PRESTIGE to a baby.
Old man why the baby and not an adult? I asked
His reply
The baby showed LOVE.
But the adult did not. Later we went further and we saw him give it to a market woman, who used THE POT OF PRESTIGE to do things of lesser value to the POT and her children even used the POT as playing material.
Then I saw fire. And someone wanted to use the POT OF PRESTIGE to get water but another used it to get kerosene.
And I asked “Old man what do we do?
His reply

And I thanked him as I left his house. I saw some people crying and others making fun of those crying. And when crying fell on the fun makers. It had no end. And lo! At the moon they looked it was black, at the stars they gaze, it was dark. And there was no end to their tribulations.

And I saw the country burning and only four people escaped with their hands on their head lamenting.

Posted By: asore oba sopein
Monday, December 14th 2009 at 4:08PM
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is this a poem, a fact, a dream, or science-fiction?
Tuesday, December 15th 2009 at 12:22PM
robert powell
I am a Muslim.
I believe in AlQur'aan and the Sunnah of Mohamed---
I believe in MonotheisticThought and Scholarship--

I do not, as a descendant of a AmericanAfrican and GermanAmerican, believe that european'ChristianThought' has anything to do with the MonotheisticThought of jesusIsaIbnMaryam.

I believe that pagan european religions, thoughts and languages took the history of Roman colonization of egypt, palestine, andulusia, and areas of northern Africa and western Asia and distorted the MonotheisticThought from Adaam, thru abrahamIbraheem, thru mosesMusa, and thru jesusIsa Ibn Maryam for pagan concepts.

Concepts that I understand in History as the story of English Colonization of Nigeria.

When I asked my question to you, my initial thought was that you are presenting a story of fiction, or poem.
Now that you have told me that it is a real encounter in YourMind, I believe that you are either superNatural, Insane or, maybe the Angel Gabriel or Jesus you refer to are other Nigerians or Ghanans you know in YourMind.

I did not know you were a friend of mind, as I get messages only from friends. I do not wish to communicate with a person whose Mind has encountered things-99.999% of HumanBeings do not encounter.

Wednesday, December 16th 2009 at 10:55AM
robert powell
Dear Robert
I appreciate your opinion, and i have come to see why the African Americans in the US are backward and still bitter with the whites. Truly i have read the message of prophet Mohammed and i ask myself the question. Where do our Muslim brothers and sisters get their own version from. Truly African Americans need information orientational help. the whites are no saints. they are manipulative and trickish, yes. but our black folks are celebrating a more backward mindset of bitterness and our black people in America are been told strange falacies by some wicked folks who saw their bitterness over slavery of the blacks are a leverage to spread false and bakcward stories of religion and God to African Americans.
My brother Jesus was never white, never a whiteman God, neither was and is christianity a whiteman religion. Sadly enough christianity and Jesus has been judged based on some occultic roman information by a minority ignorant few. Rome or the Roman are not and has never been a standard for christianity and Jesus.
Finally an Angelic encounter is not a mind thing, somethings are much real than just talk. if you have never seen or head a dog cry like a baby and shed tears like humans, does not mean it can't happen. Nor if you have not heard a cat cry like a child, then you will believe that cats only make meow sounds. Dont destroy yourself let your mind break free from unproductive sentiments.

Wednesday, December 16th 2009 at 5:47PM
asore oba sopein
May I ask you, what are you? Are you African?
Thursday, December 17th 2009 at 12:23AM
Harry Watley
AlIslaam has 1430 Years of continuous MonotheisticScholarship and Application. europeanThought about The Great Prophet IsaIbnMaryam --- that the latinRomans called jesus is a mixture of paganEuropean Thought superimposed on paganGreek translations of occurences 2000+ years ago in Palestine by jews that were colonized by latinRomans.

The english language that nigerians/ghanans and other greatEmpire negros were forced to learn during their europeanColonial Era and the language that europeanAmericanChristians used during their era of rape, murder and enslavement of africans is my experience historically and scholastically with christianity.

I hold no bitterness toward anyone, I was born in europe, raised by a european and do not use Color to describe the descendants of Adaam.

but again, you are of AngelicMaterial--and direction.

Oh, Oba, I see that you are NO Obama.............
Thursday, December 17th 2009 at 10:10PM
robert powell
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