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Life is the knowledge and understanding of the wisdom of God, which is the word of God that is love. And love is the positive thinking and feeling of the goodness of your fellow human being that is within the grace of God.

For a man to have a happy life, he must develop a attitude of the goodness of his fellow human starting from the least ones.

The victory of the children of God is hidden in them by Christ Jesus which dwells in them, that they make use of it, lest it is taken by the enemy which is the devil.

A wise man edifies the people to the glory of God.

A manís appearance is determined by his mode of worship, and his mode of worship reflects his position with his creator.

A man that kills is always afraid of been killed, so he develops a touch security network around him that finally kills him.

A man that lies is always afraid of been lied to, so he develops a suspicious nature that deceives and destroys him.

A man goes for a repeat and desires more of an action or situation, if his first attempt is sweet, whether such attempt is good or bad as long as it sweetens his heart.

Behavior is a light that shines and reflect back to the body.

Love is the outward deed of a man to his neighbor.

The course of time is marked by ruins, but beyond every ruin, one sees the reappear; the dawn of hope, or the twilight of deception. Having surmounted the trials imposed by divine wisdom, you will enter by this victory into possession of the works it has created, and establishing your equilibrium through the axis of prudence. You will rule the oscillation of Fortune. K.O. SOPEIN (1980).

Blessing is a curse when a man has an evil mind. A curse is a blessing when a man has a good spirit.

When life is dirty, the elders that are supposed to clean it with wisdom; have their hands stained.

A blind man stumbles on a deaf man. The blind can not see the signing of the deaf. The deaf can not hear the shouting of the blind confusion breaks.

A man whose interest is in the downfall of another because he has the power, never makes a happy and successful person. Though he could be rich and financially buoyant. But in other aspects of life and progress which includes good health, good peace of mind and a balance conscience he is a failure.

When you give your flesh to God. God gives you his person and power.

Love is an unconscious presence of God in a manís life.

The efficiency of the government is in the hands of the masses. If the masses are efficient, their efficiency will affect in the government.
Posted By: asore oba sopein
Monday, December 14th 2009 at 4:04PM
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