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Founder: Reggie Culpepper
Members: 17
Category: Professional Organizations
Founded: December 28th, 2008
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Feelin Lucky? Tyler this groups got talent.
Do you want to be in one of Tyler Perrys plays or movies? Have you wished you could be an actor or actress by never got a chance to go to acting classes. Do you want to know how to write these types of plays? Do you have playwriting skills? tell Tyler. i dont know if he ever visits the club but I heard if you dont know something ask somebody. Well we can ask right here and if he comes by he can know who we are and maybe check us out someday. Im funny very funny. I love to laugh and love to write. Im the kind of person that could help keep things going a long time but Tyler dosnt know it. People listen really close to what I have to say all the time even strangers I wonder why.. they really do. Maybe some of you have great story ideas, Tell about it. This group has in no way been formed by Tyler Perry or any of his representatives . By joining this group you are wishing on a star just like me to get a free trip to California and get a screen test or interview. I will settle for a visit to see how it works but I still want a part Tyler. Im speak for the group right ..... good luck Hey Tlyer Im representing Dallas Texas come on new members represent.
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