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The 90's (2253 hits)

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Posted By: Vicki Butler
Sunday, December 31st 2017 at 7:10PM
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I am a female disabled veteran working on getting my stories out. For eleven years I've been trying to clear my name & get Mrs. Adams from a convalescent home. I allege wrongful conviction BA344233-01 & BA277623. My daughter was assaulted and drugged living in a shelter with my grandson. I am going to help with their care. I just need help and believe those who love women and children will pray for us and the universe will open up and provide a way. Happy New Year, Ms.Vicki
Sunday, December 31st 2017 at 7:21PM
Vicki Butler

What’s A $1000x$1000?
By, Ms.VickiVictoria

Traveling across the country by bus with my daughter Ms. WaWa. We encounter some of the funniest situations. A young man is his 30’s name Red flirting with a young woman name Yellow in her 20’s. Red was inquiring about Yellow’s travel abilities to go further on her journey with Red. Yellow concern about money on such a trip without a job. Yellow implied she had saved a $1000 and was going to be working soon in a nearby town. Red was like well if you multiply your green papers to a $1000 you can come with me. Yellow, flirting, & feeling Reds vibe replied, OK. Red boasting, of course, it is girl! I mean Red asked, girl whats a $1000 x $1000? Yellow staring up at the ceiling, lips curled in frustration, forehead frown, finger counting. Yellow could not get the answer. Red girl think? A $1000 times a $1000 is $2,000. My daughter and I listening looked at each other and burst into laughter.

Monday, January 22nd 2018 at 11:12AM
Vicki Butler
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